Breathing Meditation - Discover The 8 Wonders That Breath Mindfulness Can Do In Your Life!

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Breathing meditations are one of the most ancient forms of meditation. However, their benefits are numerous and they are practiced by people from all walks of life. It is a very practical, easy and effective way to manage the distraction of mind and bring it to a calm and focused state.

Breath meditation is like a gentle but effective training of the mind. It is one of the most basic meditation techniques, yet it is very powerful for mind management.

Benefits of Breathing Meditation

1) Deep relaxation and stress-relief. The practice of breath meditation gives great inner peace, stress relief and relaxation. Distracting thoughts subside gradually and the mind comes into a state of calmness and contentment.

2) Inner source of bliss. We find bliss, satisfaction and contentment within ourselves and come to realize that happiness does not depend on external conditions, but is always present within us.

3) A calm and relaxed mind. A turbulent mind is the source of anxiety, stress, frustration, anguish and many other negative feelings. Meditation breathing calms down the mind and gives freedom from all such problems.

4) Freedom from negative emotions. Meditation breathing techniques also help in better management of emotions and gives a greater balance in life. Negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred, lust and greed - which once seemed uncontrollable, do not affect as easily with the regular practice of breath meditation.

5) Positive attitude towards life. Breath meditation helps to overcome depression and a negative attitude towards life. It builds up a positive outlook towards every situation in life.

6) Improves awareness and concentration. Breath meditation helps to boost up the awareness levels very easily. A good concentration and awareness is essential for success in any field of life.

7) Improves health. Breath meditation fosters good health and develops mindfulness. Its regular practice makes us more aware of the needs of the body and helps us to live our life more responsibly.

8) Happiness and contentment. Breath meditation techniques help to make the mind more focused and clearer. They have the potential of bringing more happiness and contentment in your life.

In order to reap the complete benefits of meditation techniques, it is essential that you practice them regularly every day. If you just practice it once or twice in every few weeks, you might not see their extraordinary benefits.

A session of 10 to 15 minutes of breathing meditation every day will yield more powerful results than doing a session of two hours 2-3 times a month.

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