Meditation Breathing Techniques - Learn How The Breath & Belly Awareness Meditation Technique Can De-stress You Today!

Meditation breathing techniques are an effective means to achieve a complete relaxation and stress relief. It makes use of the breath and the belly movement as an object of meditation. If you feel that you want to communicate about this topic in certain academic circles, ask for the help of a professional letter writing service from because then you will have a basis to impress listeners or readers.

Here is an easy-to-do meditation breathing technique that has the potential of calming down your mind and bestowing immense peace, bliss and tranquility - right from the very first meditation session.

Instructions For Meditation Breathing

1) Sit in a comfortable posture. Make sure to keep your spine erect. It shall help in an easier flow of energy through your body and also helps in staying more alert during meditation. Relax and loosen your shoulders a bit. Keep your head upright, but not rigid.

2) Watch your breath. Close your eyes and bring your awareness towards your belly. Notice how your belly rises during each in-breath and falls back during each out-breath. This expansion and contraction of your abdomen shall be the object of this breath meditation technique.

3) Maintain watchfulness on breath. Remain with the breath and keep your focus firmly intact on the breathing process. Watch the rising and falling of your belly -- right from the point of the start of the in-breath till complete exhalation of the out-breath and so on.

4) Gently guide the mind. Whenever your mind gets distracted and you find that your attention has wavered from noticing the belly movement, watch the thoughts which took you astray and gently bring your attention back to the rising and falling of your belly.

5) Perseverance. Repeat this process for as many times as needed. Bring back your attention and awareness towards your belly, even if it involves bringing back your mind a hundred or a thousand times! This is absolutely natural and is a part of the breathing meditation.

6) Cultivate non-judgmental mind. The point is to bring the mind to a non-judgmental state. You do not have to choose between a good thought and a bad thought, a noble thought or an evil thought, a profitable thought or charitable thought, religious thought or a non-religious thought, etc.

Bringing the mind back to breath awareness and the rising and falling of the belly makes it non-judgmental. You become able to witness your mind and its thoughts passively - with total detachment.

This gives rise to immense peace and relaxation. You can begin with this breathing meditation technique for 10-15 minutes and then either increase the time gradually or add more sessions in the day.

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