Vipassana Meditation - Discover The Ancient Meditation Technique of Heightened Awareness To Be Blissful The Buddha's Way!

Vipassana meditation is among the most ancient meditation techniques of India. It was rediscovered by Gautam Buddha around 2500 years ago. He achieved enlightenment by the practice of Vipassana and taught this meditation technique to his disciples.

The term Vipassana means -- "to come and see". But, come where? It implies to come within/inwards and seeing the reality as it is. It is the Buddha's way of achieving self-realization.

Vipassana meditation involves a choice-less observation of things as they are. It means "to see things as they really are".

Vipassana is the process of purifying the mind and developing true wisdom. Its regular practice helps to achieve clarity, insight and gaining control over the mind.

In fact, enlightened masters say that the practice of Vipassana has led to the enlightenment of more people than by any other meditation technique! It is among the simplest and the most basic meditation techniques, but is very powerful and deep in its impact.

The Technique of Vipassana Meditation

The objective of Vipassana as a meditation technique is to help us overcome suffering and unhappiness -- once and for all. Vipassana is an excellent meditation technique for self transformation. It involves self observation and sharpening of our awareness of the reality around and within us.

In Vipassana, we bring our awareness towards the physical sensations arising in our body. We realize through our first hand experience that our mind and body are deeply interconnected.

This observation and awareness of the reality as it is, dissolves all mental impurities and balances the mind. Peace, compassion and love are by-products of Vipassana.

Through the practice of Vipassana, we come to know the cause of our sufferings -- that we ourselves create our own suffering and how we can be free from it.

Vipassana gives us a life of non-delusion and a more evolved consciousness. It fosters greater self-control and awareness, and makes life more peaceful, joyful and harmonious.

Meditation techniques of Vipassana focus a lot on breath awareness. The practice of Vipassana involves the development of awareness and equanimity towards various sensations that are being experienced in the body.

As you practice vipasana meditation regularly, the breath awareness will stay with you throughout the day. You shall achieve greater awareness in your day-to-day activities such as driving, reading, working, playing, exercising, swimming or any other task.

There will be greater peacefulness and calmness as you perform your daily chores. You will be aware of your real self which is undisturbed by external circumstances and is in a state of bliss at all times.

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