Vipasana Meditation - Discover The 5 Amazing Wonders That The Practice of Vipassana Can Do In Your Life!

Vipasana meditation or "Vipassana" meditation is one of the best ways to be free of the complexes and tensions that affect us in our day-to-day lives.

It is one of the most basic meditation techniques, yet is among the most powerful and effective to be free from stress, anxiety and negative conditionings of the mind. It is also highly effective to enhance our awareness and lead a more conscious and blissful life.

Benefits of Vipassana Meditation

1) The practice of vipassana meditation helps to eliminate negativities, knots, habits and complexes that cloud our pure consciousness. It removes the blocks that hinder the flow of the highest human qualities such as compassion, pure love, equanimity and sympathetic joy.

2) The practice of Vipassana meditation helps to eliminates greed, lust, anger, fear and ignorance. These are the negative qualities that corrupt and spoil all relationships. Vipassana helps us to come out of daydreaming, fantasy and illusion.

3) The regular practice of Vipassana meditation helps to quiet the mind, improve concentration and enhance mindfulness. It is one of the easiest meditation techniques, yet the most effective.

4) Cravings and madness of the mind, aversions, endless chattering of the mind, the futile grasp of the "I, me and mine", conditioned thinking and impulsive habits - all these negative emotions lose their grasp gradually by the practice of vipassana meditation techniques.

5) A Vipassana meditator is unperturbed in difficult times. He has a calm and balanced approach towards life. He knows perfectly well that all situations are in a flux -- they arise and pass away in due course of time. His inner happiness and joy is maintained in all situations of life.