Breathing Meditations - Discover An Easy Yet Highly Effective Meditation Technique For Stress Relief & Self-Transformation

Breathing meditations have a calming effect on the mind. I read about this influence in materials prepared for me by my friends, that is, I said I need someone to do my excel homework for me and now I have a basis to share my thoughts with you. They help to achieve inner peace and tranquility. Breath meditation techniques are very effective in bringing the distracted state of the mind to a more concentrated and one-pointed state.

Breath Awareness - The Essential Prerequisite of All Breath Meditation Techniques

The first and the most basic stage of any breath meditation is to bring the mind into a calm state gradually away from its distractions. Meditation breathing or "Meditative breathing" is very helpful in this regard.

1) Sit comfortably. Choose a place for meditation that is quiet. You can sit in any comfortable position or the traditional cross-legged posture. You can also sit on a chair, provided you keep your back erect. The point is to be in an alert state and not fall asleep.

2) Watch the breath. Close your eyes and bring your attention towards the breathing process. Breathe naturally through the nostrils. Make no attempt to control your breath. Continue to breathe normally and not in a certain way. Keep it slow and deep.

3) Notice the sensations. Be aware of any sensations that arise as the breath passes inwards and outwards through the nostrils. This shall be the object of breath meditation.

4) Gently focus the mind. As you practice meditation breathing, you shall become aware of the fact that the mind wanders into various thoughts very frequently. Be gentle and gradually bring back your mind towards breath awareness. Resist the temptation of following the thoughts -- whether they are good or bad.

5) Achieve one-pointed awareness. Repeat the process of bringing back your awareness towards the breath sensations as many times as required. Do this until your mind settles one pointedly on breath awareness.

6) Meditation duration. A meditation session of 15 to 20 minutes is an ideal way to begin the practice of breath meditation technique. You can gradually increase the meditation duration or add more sessions in the day.