Breathing Technique For Meditation - Discover The Art of Breathing Properly in Meditation!

The right breathing technique for meditation can play a very effective role in providing relief from stress and anxiety. It helps in achieving a greater concentration of mind while focusing on the breath and deepening it. 

The art of reaping the complete benefits of breathing meditation lies in enhancing concentration on the breath and elimination of outside distractions.

Breathing properly while meditating will aid in deepening the meditation and achieve inner peace, tranquility, stress relief and relaxation. Thus, it is essential to learn the proper breathing technique for meditation.

Instructions for the Right Breathing Technique for Meditation

1) Be comfortable. Choose comfortable clothing for breath meditation that is not restrictive to the movement of your body and your breathing ability.

2) Sit erect, but relaxed. Place a cushion or meditation mat on the floor and sit on it, or you can also sit in a chair. Make sure to sit in an upright posture. Keep your feet firmly grounded on the floor.

3) Close your eyes.

4) Breathe freely. Choose your breathing technique from the following meditation breathing methods -

- Inhalation and exhalations through the nose.

- Inhalation through the nose and exhalations through the mouth.

- Inhalation and exhalation through the mouth.

Choose one of the above breathing techniques for meditation in which you are most comfortable. Then standardize and stick to it throughout the meditation session.

5) Watch your breath. Regulate the flow of your breathing. Breathe in a rhythmic flow with consistent intervals. Keep your breathing deep and relaxed. Watch its movement and also the sensations arising in your nostrils as your breath goes in and out smoothly.

6) Enjoy the meditation breathing. You might find that your mind wanders here and there and your awareness of the breath gets broken periodically. Be relaxed and bring back your attention on your breath. Gradually your mind will calm down. It will become easier and more natural to be aware of your meditative breathing.

7) Chant a mantra (optional). You can also make use of the meditation mantra such as "OM" during meditation breathing. You can either chant it verbally in a gentle tone or mentally chant it.

Be aware each time you repeat the mantra and don't allow the chanting to become a mechanical process. This shall help in enhancing your awareness and mental focus, as well as relax and de-stress you.

8) Practice daily. Regular and daily practice of breathing meditation is essential if you want to reap the complete benefits of meditation. Meditation becomes easier and more natural with daily practice.