Meditation and Mind Control - Discover How to Harness the Immense Potential of Your Mind & Be a Master of Your Destiny!

How is meditation and mind control connected? In fact, meditation is the easiest way for total mind control and management of our emotions and thoughts.
This is the main purpose of meditation: 1) gain control over the body and thoughts; 2)to be able to correct and direct thoughts. You can read about it in many books, if you are not sure that you can find the right one, buy book reports to structure the acquired knowledge.
If we glimpse through the pages of history, we can see that men who achieved great success had great concentration and mind control. Success does not appear out of thin air, but it has been a product of their brain.

An idea or a brilliant thought that comes up in your mind does not fortify on its own, rather it needs to be nurtured with patience, focus, will power, determination and persistent action. These are the vital ingredients needed to convert a thought/idea into a thriving reality.

Hindrances in Mind Control

We waste a lot of our energy everyday in avoidable gossip. Hundreds of thought waves and ripples arise in our mind every minute. Ordinarily, the consciousness runs amuck in all directions.

There is no steadiness in our thought process. That is the reason why we are unable to hold a certain idea, objective or goal for a long period of time. Our mind wanders off into various other distractions.

It is important to gather the scattered thoughts and place our attention at one point. A good example of the power of a concentrated mind is that of a river.

Just like no energy generation is possible out of a river that flows into various streams and in different directions. But when its flow is channelized towards a turbine, it is able to generate electricity.

Another example is that of the falling of the sun rays through the magnifying glass. Normally, the sun rays fall evenly on the earth, but they do not create fire or burn up objects.

But, when the sun rays are passed through magnifying lens and their rays are pointed towards any object, it starts to heat up and burn. This is the power of concentration of heat waves.

Similarly, concentration is the way to give direction to the mind. It is among the most basic tools for mind control. Concentration precedes meditation in yoga and other spiritual disciplines.

Concentration Meditation and Mind Control

Concentration means to focus our mind on a particular object, thought, idea or feeling for a certain period of time and keeping aside all other thoughts for that duration.

In other words, this is what mind control means. All types of concentration meditation techniques are very helpful to achieve mind control and better management of the thought process.

Some excellent Concentration meditation techniques for mind control are -

- Tratak

- Sacred Spaces meditation

- Vipassana meditation

- Zazen

These meditation techniques help to free the mind from wandering aimlessly on idle and compulsive thoughts, and focusing it on a single direction. Thus, the mental efficiency and capabilities improve, which results in success in all fields in life through mind control.

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