Meditation and Memory Improvement - Discover the Key to Enhanced Visual Memory, Concentration & Intelligence!

Meditation and memory improvement are highly interlinked. Research shows that regular practice of meditation brings changes in the physical structure of the brain -- which leads to significant memory improvement.

Meditation helps to increase the attention span, improve memory and sharpens focus and intelligence.

Meditation and Memory Improvement

Studies conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston have indicated that the regular practice of meditation thickens the brain's cerebral cortex.

So, how are meditation and memory improvement connected?

The cortex in our brain is responsible for higher mental functions. Meditation improves the blood flow in the brain, which increases the size of the blood vessels and the blood flow in that region.

A lot of research has been conducted and has brought up interesting results. Basic meditations techniques such as the mindfulness meditation or insight meditation have been found very effective in causing the cortex to thicken.

Meditation results in an exercise of the cerebral cortex, which leads to an increase in its size. It has been found that accomplished linguists, musicians and athletes have thickening in specific areas of their cortex.

Meditation clears the mind and helps to remain focused, alert and refreshed throughout the day. It helps us to be in a more receptive frame of mind, which helps in memory improvement and concentration.

Meditation and Visual Memory

Another research points towards the role that meditation can play in the treatment of memory loss. The research involved two types of Buddhist meditation techniques:

1) Mindfulness meditation: it involves being mindful and aware of the breath, sensations arising in the body and the thoughts arising in the mind.

2) Deity Yoga: it involves concentration on the image of a deity. The objective of the research was to test the improvements in visual memory (the ability of holding an image in the memory and then later identifying it among other similar images) of the participants.

The participants were divided into two groups -- meditation practitioners and non-meditators.

After completing a first round of tasks, the group of meditation practitioners did meditation for around 20 minutes, while the group of non-meditators rested. Then they completed the second round of tasks.

The results showed that the performance of the participants in the first round of tests was similar, but in the second round, meditation practitioners of deity yoga showed significant improvements in their performance.

Concentration meditation practices such as Tratak help significantly in the improvement of memory and concentration. They have been proven to be highly beneficial for students, professionals and old age people to sharpen their memory and intelligence.