Concentrative Meditation - Discover the Key to Achieve Mastery Over Your Mind & Unlock its Hidden Potential!

Concentrative meditation techniques are very useful to achieve better concentration and harness the immense potential of our mind. 

An uncontrolled and distracted flow of thoughts is quite normal for most people. But, such a state of mind does not improve the quality of our life. A Concentrated mind helps to speed up our growth and learning process.

Concentrative Meditation - Key to Unlock the Doors of the Subconscious

Meditation techniques are of many types, but they have a common goal. The main objective is to clear the conscious mind, so that we can gain access to the depths of the subconscious mind and be free of all conditionings.

All hypnosis and relaxation techniques have a concentrative meditation aspect in them. They all involve drawing of your focus and attention on a particular object or thought - while keeping other thoughts aside.

Concentrating on one particular object slows down the brain waves and provides deep relaxation.

Concentrative Meditation - Harnessing the Vast Untapped Potential of our Mind

Learning is a continuous process that goes on in our life. Our learning ability is directly proportional to how long and how well we can focus our attention on the chosen subject.

True learning is not just acquisition of knowledge, but an ability to see into the deeper meaning of the world around us. It involves grasping the deeper realms behind the superficial.

Concentration meditation helps us to live our life with greater intensity. Developing a strong concentration is comparable to developing physical strength.

By perseverance and regular practice, the ability to concentrate can be significantly enhanced. This ability helps to achieve a deeper understanding and greater success in all activities of life.

It can be said that, concentration meditation techniques are among the most basic prerequisite for success in all other types of meditations.

Benefits of Concentration Meditation

1) It develops clarity of mind, reduces confusion and ignorance and provides mental calmness.

2) Concentration meditation is the foundation for all other meditation techniques. Developing concentration is essential to achieve mental lucidity, which is required to explore the deeper realms and the nature of reality.

3) Concentration meditation provides a strong foundation to step aside from the continuous chattering of the mind and focus on one single object. They help to get anchored into the present moment and see the reality as it is.

Object for Concentrative Meditation

An ideal object for Concentration meditation would be something that is pleasant, but does not give rise to excitement, boredom or any associations.

Among the simplest, but the most powerful meditation techniques for developing concentration is breathing meditation or breath meditation. It is very effective to quiet the inner dialogue going on in the mind, as well as sharpening concentration.

By focusing on the incoming and outgoing breath through the nostrils, or observing the rise and fall of the abdomen with the flow of the breath, the thought process slows down and we achieve a level of heightened concentration.

Concentration Meditation using an object

Using an external object for concentration meditation is also very effective. These are classified as among the most common meditation techniques. The object could be anything such as -- the flame of a candle, the sunset, a flower, the picture of your guru, etc.

Tratak is a meditation technique that involves gazing the flame of a candle. Sacred Spaces meditation involves listening to the sounds of special ancient Tibetan musical instruments and the silent gaps that arise between them. They are excellent concentration meditation techniques for beginners.