Yoga Meditation Technique - Discover the All-Encompassing Science & Art of Inner Self-Exploration!

The essence of Yoga meditation techniques lies in accepting, viewing, training and understanding the various aspects that form our being. It involves a careful and uninterrupted observation of our senses, breath, body and mind.

By the process of this constant awareness and watchfulness, the meditator becomes aware of the distractions of the mind in various activities such as that of the smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight.

Intricacies of Yoga Meditation Technique

Heightened awareness of the self can be achieved with great ease and effectiveness by the regular practice of yoga postures and performing them with a high degree of concentration and awareness.

While beginning breathing practices as a part of yoga meditation technique, you should spend some time in observation, while the breathing becomes very slow and fine. The unevenness and jerkiness in breathing gradually goes away.

As your breathing becomes slower and deeper, it will be easier to observe the thoughts arising in the mind, sensations arising in the body and emotions arising in the heart. This helps to bring tranquility in the body and great silence in the mind.

Once you get past through the early frustration that is associated with quietening the conscious mind, you realize that the mind is indeed an amazing instrument. You witness the many cross-currents and aspects of the mind.

The meditator gradually realizes his aloofness and separation from the mind and thoughts. The false association of being one with the mind gradually breaks. This gradual and gentle examination of the thoughts, emotions and their patterns gradually leads towards the center of consciousness and self-realization.

Awareness - A vital element of Yoga Meditation Technique

"Meditation" means the state of "being in awareness".

- The starting point of meditation is attention.

- The act of attention gradually deepens to concentration.

- The refinement of concentration leads to meditation.

- And meditation is the door to Samadhi (Enlightenment or self-realization).

We can see that the small act of attention and observation is the starting point of the journey of self-realization.

The question is what do we pay attention to or what do we observe?

Here are some of the ways that you can sharpen the sword of your awareness -

- Try to perform your daily activities in the light of awareness and attention.

- Observe each of your activities and actions. Pay attention to the movements and subtleties of your hands, arms, body, legs, etc. while performing your activities.

- Bring more alertness and awareness towards your senses such as while seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing or touching.

- Try to be more observant and aware of your breath. Gently observe the quality and state of your breath throughout the day.

- Be aware of and gently watch your thoughts, thought process and emotions that are arising in your mind.

- What initially begins with simple acts of observation of your external body actions slowly develops into a heightened awareness of your internal state.

- As the awareness improves of your external and internal state of being, you become aware of the immense silence and stillness within.

In other words, try to bring in an element of attention, observation and awareness into each of the actions and activities that you perform on a daily basis. This is the essence of Yoga meditation techniques.

Bringing attention, awareness or observation towards our daily activities can be compared to strengthening of a muscle. Just like regular exercising strengthens our muscles, by paying attention and bringing the element of awareness and observation into each of our day to day activities, we strengthen our ability of awareness.

You should not be discouraged or feel negative whenever the flow of awareness gets broken due to some thoughts. A gentle and passive awareness should be developed, and you should not be compulsive about it. A gentle and healthy outlook should be kept in the practice of attention and observation, whether at the time of meditation or in your day-to-day activities.

As your observation and awareness deepens, your actions begin to sprout out of your decisions and choice, and not from your habits.