Mindful Meditation - If You Thought That Mindfulness and Concentration Meditation Practices Are The Same…Then You Are Mistaken. Discover The Reality Here!

Mindful meditation (Mindfulness) and concentration meditation are 2 very different forms of meditation. While mindfulness meditation is all-encompassing and all-inclusive in its approach; concentration meditation is narrow but focused. Thus we speak for different levels of immersion in meditation, buy article online to make sure you know the difference between them.

Let us look at the major differences between mindful meditation and concentration meditation. They work in outstanding synergy and enhance mindfulness, awareness and concentration when done with regularity and perseverance.

Difference between Concentration Meditation and Mindfulness

Concentration meditation can be compared with a beam of laser that is focused in one particular area; and leaves off everything else.

On the other hand, mindfulness can be compared with the light bulb - its light falls on everything that surrounds it and illuminates them all.

Concentration meditation sharpens the mind and makes it one-pointed. It is very helpful to enhance concentration, calm a wandering mind and prepare the ground for the deep practice of mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation helps in gaining a true insight into the nature of reality. It is also called as "Insight meditation".

Concentration Meditation

In concentration practices of meditation, the attention is placed on a single object. It might be the breath or any physical object. Remain anchored firmly in present by focusing your attention on the object of meditation.

Focus on keeping your attention towards the object of meditation as much as possible. Whenever your mind wanders off into some thoughts, gently bring it back towards the object of meditation.

Avoid being aggressive or forceful with the mind. Just acknowledge the thoughts that arise, and then gently bring back your attention.

Repeat this process as many times as required. Even being aware of the fact that when the mind has wandered off and when it is anchored on the object of meditation is a sign of success in meditation!

Gradually the mind becomes calmer and the arrival and departure of thoughts begins to slow down. Maintain your attention on the object of meditation throughout the concentration meditation.

Mindful Meditation (Mindfulness)

In concentration meditation, the focus is kept on a single object. Whereas in mindfulness, the witness all types of experiences that we come across and pass through our attention (awareness).

We observe them impartially and remain totally aware of whatever goes on in the moment. The emphasis is not on being focused, but on being mindful.

Mindfulness is all-inclusive. We do not exclude any images, sounds, distractions, feelings or ideas that come across our mind during meditation. We just acknowledge their presence and let them pass by.

We remain a passive witness and do not evaluate or judge them. We just observe the thoughts come and go and unconditionally except whatever comes up - without being for or against it.

In mindfulness meditation, we embrace the reality as it is. The practice of mindfulness can be readily applied in all experiences and situations in life, whether we are -- jogging, working, exercising, cooking or dining. It will help us to live in a more blissful way and enjoy our life to the fullest.