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Welcome to Meditation Techniques - the site that provides an in-depth knowledge of meditation techniques for all. There is much to find on there, in case you need to buy research papers or want to find useful information.

Meditation is easy!

Every person can do it - anytime and anywhere!

Meditation is for all. Since long, it has been considered as an activity to be done in old age after retirement. But thankfully, the situation and the attitude towards it have changed a lot in the past couple of years.

Research on meditation has shown a lot of positive and healthy effects on our body and mind. This is the reason why people of almost all age groups now take an active interest in it. It is also being included in the curriculum of schools and colleges as a compulsory subject.

Earlier, meditation was considered as a part of mysticism and religion only, but now it is taking center stage in our day to day life. Doctors recommend the practice of meditation on a daily basis for a faster recovery for their patients. It is now seen as an indispensable tool to decrease stress and achieve mental peace.

In fact, being in a meditative state is quite natural for the mind. Just like swimming is to fish, meditation is to our mind. It is not something that has to be learned, but it is a natural ability to be discovered.

- Meditation is the route to find out our true self. It is essential to know our full potential if we want to live a more fulfilling life. Meditation techniques are a methodology of the "science of awareness".

- The use of powerful and proven techniques allow you to experiment and discover your true being. It eliminates the dependence on external authority, ideologies or situations to remain in a peaceful and blissful state.

This website is an attempt to present the most comprehensive knowledge of the techniques of meditation for busy people; in the most simple and easy-to-understand language.

It shall help you through your journey of self transformation through in-depth analysis of –

- Types of Meditation

- Meditation music

- Guided meditation techniques and

- The opportunity to ask questions.

It offers in-depth knowledge of a large collection of easy meditation and relaxation techniques that help to reduce stress and achieve peace and tranquility of mind. It has lots of pearls of wisdom for people of all age groups, who may be of different temperaments and maybe at different levels of spiritual progress.

But what exactly is meditation? How to get started?

In this website, you will find out everything you need to know about meditation, its meaning, its benefits, what it is not, and much more.

It shall help you choose the right techniques for yourself. There are hundreds of them available and it is essential to find the one that is most natural to you and gives you the maximum boost in awareness and blissfulness in the time spent for meditation.

You can find a lot of easy, simple and powerful techniques. They will help you to flow more easily with life, bring greater peace and shall help you overcome the inner conflicts. They will help your mind to be clearer and your body to be more relaxed.

If you have been meditating for some time, you can look for advanced techniques to bring more ease and naturalness in your practice.

This shall be an ongoing guide. I shall constantly update it with new and useful information on time tested and proven meditation techniques.